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> I used grid on one file, made a new file, defaulted to no grid.
> 'Show grid' did not show grid.

Here, I did the following in a new file:
(1) image->configure grid
    changed grid size to every 100 pixels (was every 10 pixels but my
images are too large for that to be usable)
    left uncanged the offset of 0
(2) view->show grid
    and got a grid of black lines.

If you are not careful you can end up with a grid of white lines, which
won't be very visible in a new image with a white background.

>  Alt-f4, restart, still no visible grid.
Don't know about alt-f4, that depends which Linux window manager you
use. In some, it will quit the application. Is that what you mean?

> Config had been changed to zero size.
Which config, where, exactly? Do you mean "Spacing" in Configure Image
grid", or do you mean "Offset" (which is supposed to be 0)?

Use Pixels for a measurement - inches are for photoshop users :-) and
are pretty much meaningless.

You won't see a grid in any case until you use view->show grid (by which
I mean "Show Grid" from the image's View menu, either at the top of the
image window or by right-clicking in the image).

If you want the grid by default, go to Edit->Preferences, select
"Appearance" under Image Windows, and check the "Show grid" box. Then
press OK. If you want to change the default grid, that's in
edit/preferences too, BUT it won't affect any open images, and probably
won't affect images you already saved as .xcf or .xcf.gz or whatever, as
I think the grid state is stored along with the image (I didn't check,


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