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> Ok, got a grid of a light color.

I think it defaults to the toolbox colours when you configure it.

> > Use Pixels for a measurement - inches are for photoshop users :-) and
> > are pretty much meaningless.
> Actually, some of us print results to the real world, need in/mm.
The dpi setting isn't really meaningful except for some applications to
guess the size at which to print, but even there it's not reliable and
often not what you want. It's generally best to ignore it completely,
*except* in a PhotoShop-based workflow.

One of the problems is that PhotoShop users often think "pixel" is a
measurement, whereas the same 3,000 pixel wide image could print 10
inches wide or 1 inch wide or larger or smaller or anywhere between, and
the "best" size depends on the actual printer, the paper and ink, and
what you're tring to do.

> I like to switch [grid] on and off, to help layouts. Not sure yet
> what I want for default. Suppose I could set in templates.

Best might be to configure a keybinding to turn the grid off and on.

PS: Don't forget to copy the list in your replies so people know you got
sorted out :-)


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