>Hello Rich & group

>Ok, I've chosen Text-tool, clicked string and highlighted, reset px to pt
>and large size, and nothing changes. If I press enter or select move tool,
>string can be erased from box. Ctrl-z brings back string.
>(1) how can one safely exit the text box?
>(2) why don't my changes stick?
>"Use editor" seemed not to help.

>On other text boxes, I HAVE succeeded, but don't know what was different.


Another day another challenge, In case you have not already figured it out.

1. Gimp does not have a neutral tool as such, just select any other tool to 
exit the text tool.

2. They should stick, do you mean that while using the text tool if you click 
on the canvas to start new text the text properties revert back to those in the 
text options dialog. That is normal.
composite screenshot   http://i.imgur.com/36rKP.jpg

rich (via gimpusers.com)
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