Seeing how you said it was running fine for a while...
how full is your hard drive?
I did a google search on "gmem.c errors",
and it would seem a lot of them had to do with high
memory intensive operations being performed.
Here is one specific to gimp:

and if you scroll to the bottom you see where they talk about
the amount of memory/cap allocated to gimp or system etc.

Here's one on the inflation of memory need in inkscape:

But I was thinking if your disk is pretty near full maybe
there isn't enough room to create the swap space needed
or preset by your settings to start up gimp?
Just a thought.

On 11/2/12, Sleepingbeautiie <> wrote:
>>>Sleepingbeautiie - wrote:
>>>>> On Thu, 01 Nov 2012 17:14:27 +0100, Sleepingbeautiie wrote:
>>>>>> And, yeah - that stuff's basically gone away since I've re-installed
>>>>>> it again, but now it says it has to do something with the GIMP
>>>>>> shortcut in my "bin" folder, so I thought 'Oh, okay...' and clicked on
>>>>>> the GIMP 2.8 icon for it to load from there.. but it gave me the same
>>>>>> error, the one that I just mentioned, and it always has something to
>>>>>> do with "terminating in an unusual way", 'thanks' to Runtime. I'm
>>>>>> looking through all my folders now, but there doesn't seem to be a
>>>>>> problem.
>>>>> Is your Windows set to use 16-bit colour mode? There's a known problem
>>>>> with
>>>>> GTK+ if that's the case - change Windows to 32-bit colours.
>>>> How do you do that? I mean, do I go to control panel? I really don't
>>>> know what the problem is, but if it helps I use Windows Vista/desktop.
>>>Yes; from Windows Vista Control Panel:
>>>- from default view: "Adjust screen resolution" (under the "Appearance
>>>and Personalization" section) or
>>>- from classic view: "Personalization" then "Display Settings"
>>>Either will bring up the "Display Settings" where you can set the colour
>>>depth from the drop-down under "Colors". If you have multiple monitors,
>>>you might need to set it separately for each one.
>>>After click "Apply" or "OK" to apply changes, you'll need to click "Yes"
>>>before the timer expired when prompted for whether to keep the new
>>>settings. If that seems a bit odd, there is a sensible reason - changing
>>>display settings incorrectly can prevent anything from being displayed
>>>at all, making it difficult to change them back, so if the screen does
>>>go blank or scrambled you just need to wait 15 seconds for the timer to
>>>expire and it should go back to how it was before.
>>All right, thanks, I'll try that when I get the time; if it doesn't work,
>> I'll come back and see if there's any other kinda solution.
> It didn't work. The first message I'm always receiving now is
> "(gimp-2.8.exe:2408):GLiB-ERROR**: gmem.c: 165: failed to allocate 17660160
> bytes", and THEN it does the whole "Windows Visual C++ Library" thing. Any
> ideas?
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