Thanks for the tip, at least i have that feature back with setting my gimp to 
Single Window Mode from Windows menu. But it made my workspace area smaller, i 
got used to work with floating window mode. 
I don't know if it is a bug but it is annoying.
Is this the official forum of gimp and where can i report a bug or request 
something about gimp, because the developer team do not seem to be around, or 
they have so  much work to do in their daily life...
Anyway, thanks for your help...


>I don't know the sourcecode and therefore cannot be sure about this, but 
>here's what I've concluded from observation:
>Text in GIMP saves it's properties in two different places: One set of 
>properties that is the standard for the entire text layer and then the 
>modified parameters for every letter you change. Unfortunately, by using 
>the floating menu you can only change the modified parameters, even if 
>you have the entire text selected. So when you delete the entire text 
>and start entering a new one (that's also what happens if you selected 
>the entire text and start tipping), it uses the layer-wide standard 
>To change those, you have to change them in the tool properties of the 
>text tool instead of the floating menu.
>Maybe it'd be worth a bug report if there isn't one, requesting to alter 
>the layer-wide properties when the entire text is selected.


>Am 02.11.2012 04:00, schrieb realbezo:
>> Hi, i switched gimp 2.6 to 2.8 and new text tool behaves strangely, as i 
>> remember in gimp 2.6 when i try to change text content with selecting old 
>> text and pasting new text i could use same text size and same font with my 
>> old text without doing anything but now in the gim 2.8 whenever i try to 
>> change content of a text layer i need to choose again font and text size 
>> from toolbox options, but why do i have to do this, i have a text placed on 
>> my image with a certain font and certain font size and i just want to alter 
>> my text conten not the size of text or font , it changes automatically to 
>> back text size and font whatever i used last  time in another work.
>> summary: i want to change my text content without setting my font and font 
>> size properties, i want to use my text layers old properties, please give 
>> the feature back...

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