>On 11/12/12 15:43, Briyanna wrote:
>I'm still running 2.6 but I think it's the same
>I think you're dragging by the normal window manager header,
>not the gimp dialog header, which is the bar just below it where
>the tool options menu button is along with the tool name.
>Press and hold in the area to the left of the tool options menu button
>(e.g. if it's showing the paintbrush tool, 
>the tool options menu button is the arrow to the right
>of where it says "Paintbrush" at the top;
>press on the tool name or the blank area to the left of the left arrow
>BTW, once it's back where it belongs,
>you can bring up the tool options menu and select "lock to tab to
>which should prevent dragging it out in the future.

I am dragging the icon/text that says "Tool Options", not the window itself.

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