On Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 09:47:43AM +0000, Angelika Müller wrote:
> Ladies and gentlemen,
> during our research for software of the category image processing
> programms, we found the homepage of your product GIMP.
> And this is of great interest for our project
> Blueforge<http://www.blueforge.biz/>! It is a German project, based on
> the well-known Wikipedia-method. Our aim is to create a knowledge base
> about every kind of software. This special Wiki should give a
> comprehensive overview of different software products, categorised by
> the fields of application.
> In the following days, also your software should  be placed at
> Blueforge.biz. To extend the article about your software product, we
> want to add a logo and maybe other pictures from your homepage, like for
> example screenshots or product pictures. Therefore we want to ask you
> for the permission to add these to the article. Of course, we will also
> provide the pictures with the appropriate reference to the producer and
> resource. If you send us some more information about the license, we
> will also add those to the pictures. To guarantee optimal quality of
> your product logo at Blueforge, please send us your logo file and we´ll
> add it to the article. If you want to send us some more important
> informations about your software, you´re always welcome and we´re
> looking forward hearing from you.
> The Blueforge project is in German so far, but the next step is to
> offer it in English and other languages too. We would appreciate your
> help and hope you´ll support us with your permission for the pictures!
> With best regards,
>    Angelika Mueller

You do not need to ask permission. You just have to read the program &
documentation licences to comply. You see, people at wikipedia never
asked any permission here to publish the GIMP pages... they just comply
with the GIMP GPL & GNU FDL licences...





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