>Did you ever check the amount of storage left on the drive?
>Do you have an updated antivirus software?/Infected?
>Did you keep Windows updated?
>The problem with "older" computers is there's a lot of stuff on them,
>a long period of time. Maybe it's a conflict with another program or
>that used C++ and now there's a conflict with Gimp?
>Have you been able to install any other software other than Gimp
>Not to be self inflating, but the thing about restoring the computer
>to a point previous to installing Gimp was I believe the best advice.
>(I have had tons of used computers over the years and a thousand such
>dilemmas. Sometimes the fallback position is best.)
>Or as I said getting everything you need off the drive, and running
>factory restore discs that came with the computer? But then again,
>have to all be updated.
>Then again, Vista's nothing to write home about. Win 7 much better.
>Search "Windows 7 upgrade" on ebay and right now there are win 7 or 8
>versions for like 30+ bucks. Seriously, I had Vista. It stunk.
>But you have to look up your computer model and know whether it's
>32 or 64 bit version.
>On 11/14/12, Sleepingbeautiie <for...@gimpusers.com> wrote:

'Ight. Maybe I can ask mum to get the upgrade as an early Christmas gift, hah.
But yeah, I'll see what I can do, 'cause way earlier I cleared a bunch of
programs off of my computer to see if it'd help with Gimp... . Then again I
might just be getting my laptop fixed in time for Christmas instead. Thank
goodness for Picmonkey, though. I can wait with Gimp xD

Though, I just re-installed Gimp 2.8 (which I've been using for the past few
months); per se, it loads fine/fast the first time, but when I have to close
it/load it again it loads slower and gives me that C++ Error and stuff, so. MEH.

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