On Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 1:49 AM, Lomantik wrote:
> Hello! I'm a web designer. In my work i'm using psd files, prepared by 
> designer.
> He use photoshop. I have to use photoshop too, but I want to go to GIMP. So I
> need next features:
> 1) Layer groups. It's realised in 2.8.
> 2) Ability to view photoshop text layers. Now all text layers are rasterized. 
> I
> can't change their text and can't view their settings.
> 3) Ability to have the same colors in the psd files like in photoshop. Now 
> some
> psd elements look darker.
> I will wait for your responses. I really want to use GIMP.

Would you like to tell us what kind of response you are waiting for? :)

The PSD loader/saver isn't perfect and probably never will be. We need
a new maintainer to fix all bugs and add more features. The code
doesn't write itself.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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