>Hi, :-)
>I am using Gimp 2.8.0 but only understand about 5% or less of it.
>(It is running on Win.7 Hm. Prm., Vsn 6.1, Sp-1.)
>How can I define or adjust the pencil tool so it draws at the one
>pixel size in a new ".gif" work area. (That would be one pixel in the
>image to one pixel on the screen.) I found how to define the work area
>in pixels for a ".gif". The predefined pencil tool sizes (chosen by
>assorted dots) "went away" several versions of Gimp back as far as I
>Please would someone direct me to where the answer can be
>located. I am not a graphic artist or a photographer so please use
>non-technical english.
>The object of this effort is to produce "TrainGifs" for use in
>other applications. Should you be interested just Google "TrainGifs"
>and you will be able to check out multiple site for this hobby.
>     Thanks and bye,
>     Retired and Confused :-)
Hi! All,
     Thanks to all who helped, all the fixes worked. 
Guess this is closed. Thanks again.
     Jerry W.

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