>My opinion:
>either continue to have the forum mirror the list, or do not have them
>connected at all. mixing contents of different sources will confuse 
>users a lot and will annoy people on the mailing list if forum users 
>refer to threads which did not appear there.

Thanks for the input. There will not be much mixing. If a user wants to share
his "thread" with the mailing list she/he can do so. The setting is per-thread,
so all replies will be sent to the list too (we don't allow a user posting a
_reply_ to choose if he/she wants to share it or not). We will only disconnect
or close a thread if there is spam or too much annoying stuff in it so that a
user of our forum doesn't bother mailing list readers.

Also if a user refers to another thread of the forum that was not shared
previously it would be the same as linking to content of an external website. It
is normal to link to stuff outside with a reference. I don't think that this
will be much of a problem – however if I'm wrong we'll surely find a solution.

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