* Jay Smith <j...@jaysmith.com> [11-18-12 16:59]:
> I am just saddened that the most of the type of work my company does with
> Gimp is no longer (maybe it never was?) included in the "target user/use"
> definition.  Because it does not make economic sense for a company to train
> and support users in two different graphics programs, there will eventually
> come a time (since I presume the goals of the program developers will
> continue to evolve away from our typical workflow), when we will have to
> switch to _one_ other program to do our graphics work.  That's sad because
> Gimp has so much to offer.  

You play a fiddle with no strings.

There is a script usable that returns to nearly the same actions which you
desire.  Perhaps you are having a problem with the words presented here.
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