Hello again, i also do not want to see a prompt for a new exporting name, but i
expect from gimp exporting the "new" file ( which is created by "save as") with
the "new file" name, because i think a file should be exported with its file
name by default. I don't get why i would expect exporting a new file by defaul
with an old or different file name, could anyone please enlighten me?

>Hi Realbezo,
>I think you could make your self understood -
>but maybe you haven't got any answers because the issue you report is
>not perceived as a problem
>for the people who have read it - After all, if you changed the
>filename, all you have to do is
>to use the "export..."  option to reset the filename of the exported
>work, instead of
>repeating "export to...". I myself would expect it not to change
>automatically, and would find it
>annoying if it would prompt me for a new  exporting name. The idea of
>the "export to..." options
>is exactly not to bother the user once he has choosen the options for
>exporting his work.
>   js
>  -><-

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