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> Dear GIMP fundi’s,
> I got the Gimp 2.8.2 [my third evolution] and I must say is awesome.
> Good to see skills and hard work strutted in public without the
> traditional teething troubles manifesting themselves. Well done!
> A bit difficult for a non-IT specialist to install ’cos the GIMP
> set-up and the “help” section didn’t want to meld. I rather suspect
> that using the file “run” facility instead of the “save” would’ve
> avoided the issue but I need to backup the original in case of future
> problems elsewhere.
> Initially the uninstall app never cleared the system of Gimp 2.6.12
> and so the new installation picked up some bad habits from the get-go
> but I then purged my [Check Disk, Ccleaner, MRT etc.] XPsp3  of all
> traces of the old and re-installed the new.  Then I hadda hunt around
> to enable my “help” and “context help” to link with the help/F1 icons.
> But now all’s well! Thank you werry much!
> Just one gripe though! Can we disable or lose the decimal/fraction
> brush slide sizing facility. Whole numbers in this context would be
> perfect. To fiddle with fractions offering a 100th of a step at a time
> is really tedious and, imho, unnecessary. Is there some file somewhere
> where I could gently disable this feature? And how? Tia!

There's an even simpler way to disable it: before clicking and dragging,
move your mouse a little bit up until it changes to an upward-pointing
arrow instead of a left-right-pointing arrow.


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> Q: Are you sure?
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