I have been using Gimp for a week or so and have really enjoyed it.  It was 
perfect for my needs, and has helped me with many tasks.  However, one day Gimp 
stopped working.  It wasn't that Gimp froze or anything, It would jump in the 
dock for a few seconds, then just stop and an error would come on the screen 
saying it quit unexpectedly.  I restarted my computer and Gimp worked fine.  
One day, Gimp wouldn't start at all, and restarting the computer did not help.  
I deleted all of Gimp's files and reinstalled it, somehow Gimp STILL didn't 
work.  I triple checked and re-downloaded many more times, but Gimp still did 
not want to start.  Sadly, I am unable to supply a crash report.  However, when 
I read it, it said something about a GCS window or something.  I understand how 
important a crash report would be, but I am just unable to supply it to you. 
Here are my computer specs:

MacBook, 13-inch 2006
Mac OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) 32-bit
Intel Core Duo 1.83GHZ
2GB of RAM

I know that it is NOT the computer specs that make Gimp unable to run because 
as I said, at one point Gimp worked fine.

I really hope that you guys can help me with this problem!
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