2012/11/27 AshtarSheran <for...@gimpusers.com>:
>>2012/11/27 AshtarSheran <for...@gimpusers.com>:
>>You can type them, of course. Click in the widget and erase characters
>>on the right of the vertical bar, then type what you want.
> The problem is what with sliders I have to be extremely accurate with where to
> click to erase previous value. If when selecting from right to left I miss few
> pixels to the right I'll end up setting the scroller to its maximum. Selecting
> from left to right is even more impossible.
> This may sound  a paltry thing but this is very annoying, because I used to
> change instruments values a lot and fast.

Erase to the right of the bar with the delete key, not backspace. It's
very handy, on the contrary

Olivier Lecarme
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