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> I shoot in raw so I open from there, problem is that frequently the file
> will open good the first 2/3's (two thirds from top to bottom) and than
> have a line, and the rest is dark and does not show up in Gimp (this
> darkened part).

I have seen this, when the photo did not get written completely to the
card.  But this happens before you get to the computer...
> I am not real knowledgeable so any advice would be appreciated, thank
> you.
> Wow, UFRaw seems moody, I wanted to do a screenshot to attach and today
> it works good.  This seems to happen more in portrait up down camera
> vertical than landscape horizontal shots.  You know how time is, want it
> to work when I am full of energy to work, thanks again.

Open one of the troubled files with geeqie or xv and see if the file has
problems before ufraw presents it to gimp.  Or see if you can see the
complete file in ufraw.

If you see the complete file in ufraw, export it and open the resulting
file with gimp.  See if you still have the problem.

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