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On Thursday, November 29, 2012 08:00:50 PM Jay Smith wrote:
> >> On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 7:15 AM, Gracia M. Littauer <>
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> >>> anyone recomend any newer good Epson scanner that work with linux?
> No, but I am using a couple "Epson Perfection 4490 Photo", probably as
> old as what you have.  They work great on Ubuntu Linux (with some
> tweaking of linux USB stuff due to the older Linux distribution we are
> still using).
> In any case, more importantly, we use the scanners through Hamrick's
> VueScan Professional scanning software and love it!
> I have had questions about our scanning workflow, color calibration
> questions, and selection of LARGE (11x17) format scanners.  I have asked
> Ed Hamrick and he has always been quick to answer with very helpful
> information.  For me, that alone is work the modest price of the
> program.  [We ended up with a used/refurb Epson GT-10000 large format
> scanner which is incredible (faster and better than the usual smaller
> scanners even though it is a lot older).  Original price probably around
> $5000 back in the day, but I found a used one for $400 -- plus delivery
> by truck.]
> Very importantly, Hamrick has a huge supported scanners list
> that tells you (by specific scanner model if you want to check on one)
> if it is "supposed" to work on "linux" (generically, at least).
> I would not dream of doing the scanning work we do without VueScan.
> I also found it extremely useful for our particular scanning work to
> calibrate the scanners, using a 'target', which I obtained from a source
> in Germany. Targets can be very expensive, but this one was only about
> $30 as I recall -- the best and the best deal I was able to find.
> VueScan does support use of the generated calibration file that is
> created as result of calibration process.  [Now I just need to get
> calibrating equipment for our monitors, but that is a lot more costly.]
> Jay
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