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Subject: [Gimp-user] Removing GIMP fails (was: Re: Fw:)

Von: "Stan Dawson" <swdjr...@verizon.net>

I am trying to remove GIMP2 from my computer, but when I click on
REMOVE, I get a message error stating that File C is missing and it does
not remove.

Worth a try:

Install it again with the same installer files as the version you've got now - this should restore any missing files - and then remove it.

As far as I remember, GIMP does not write anything in the regedit or in Windows so it is possible to uninstall it just by removing the directory with everything inside in the program files whether in Program Files (X86) or in Program Files depending where and which version has been installed. Then you have to go in C:\Document and Settings (XP) or in C:\User (Win7) then under the name your are using to find the directory .gimp-2-x and erase it.
Then you have to erase the shortcuts.
Now you are clear and clean then you have to erase everything in the basket.
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