> Hi,
> I just upgraded to the new version of GIMP and I am having trouble
getting used
> to the new slider.
> I notice that there are two "cursors" that appear while using the
new sliders.
> One is an "up" arrow that allows me to quickly change from 0 - 100
(Like the old
> slider) and another is the "double side arrow" cursor that makes
only small
> changes.
> I can see how this is useful but I cant seem to figure out how to
get one to
> show over the other. Currently I just swipe my mouse at the slider a
couple of
> times till the right one doesn't show up. But clearly I am doing
> wrong. Its hard for me to work with the "two" sided arrow as my
screen is very
> small. (I am trying to adjust the opacity of the layer)
> It would be very helpful to me if someone linked me to a page
> describing the new
> sliders.

The horozontial one appears when you are in the bottom 50% of the box,
the vertical one appears once you pass the 50% mark.

Just start at the bottom and move slowly up and you will see it change



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