* Liam R E Quin <l...@holoweb.net> [12-05-12 13:48]:
> On Wed, 2012-12-05 at 11:32 -0700, Gary Aitken wrote:
> > On 12/04/12 00:28, Jeffery Small wrote:
> > > The fast moving (up-arrow) slider appears when you have your mouse in the
> > > top half of the slider area.  The slow moving (horizontal arrows) appear
> > > when you are in the lower half of the area.  It is new behavior to learn,
> > > but it will become second nature eventually.
> > 
> > On freebsd, I get both arrows as described, but *both* of them do the fine-
> > grained increments.  Is there a setting that controls this, or is this a
> > bug?
> To be clear, see the enclosed image. The slider with the word Threshold
> on it is an example.
> Hovering the mouse pointer in the upper half, e.g. over the word
> Threshold, changes the mouse pointer to an upwards pointing arrow;
> clicking in the bar when the mouse pointer displays the upwards arrow
> will set the amount directly: clicking on the left of the top-half of
> the bar will set Threshold to 0, clicking on the right (over the 81.5 in
> this example) sets it to around the maximum of 255, clicking in the
> middle (e.g.just under the "g" of "sample merged") sets it to about
> half, or 127. Dragging in this mode will drag the edge of the shaded bar
> directly.
> When the mouse pointer is in the lower half of the bar, e.g. in the
> shaded area under the word Threshold, the mouse pointer is shown with a
> cursor made of a horizontal arrow pointing both left and right. In this
> mode, dragging in the bottom half of the area will select the number
> (81.5 in the image I attached to this message) and the number will
> change as you drag.
> In addition, there are two small arrows to the right of the number, and
> clicking on those will increase or reduce the number shown. But those
> are not the arrows being discussed in this thread :-)

I would have expected the mouse wheel to act the same but it increments/
decrements at 1% intervals in both areas, upper/lower.

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