On 12/05/12 11:45, Liam R E Quin wrote:
> On Wed, 2012-12-05 at 11:32 -0700, Gary Aitken wrote:
>> On 12/04/12 00:28, Jeffery Small wrote:
>>> The fast moving (up-arrow) slider appears when you have your mouse in the
>>> top half of the slider area.  The slow moving (horizontal arrows) appear
>>> when you are in the lower half of the area.  It is new behavior to learn,
>>> but it will become second nature eventually.
>> On freebsd, I get both arrows as described, but *both* of them do the fine-
>> grained increments.  Is there a setting that controls this, or is this a
>> bug?
> To be clear, see the enclosed image. The slider with the word Threshold
> on it is an example.
> Hovering the mouse pointer in the upper half, e.g. over the word
> Threshold, changes the mouse pointer to an upwards pointing arrow;
> clicking in the bar when the mouse pointer displays the upwards arrow
> will set the amount directly: clicking on the left of the top-half of
> the bar will set Threshold to 0, clicking on the right (over the 81.5 in
> this example) sets it to around the maximum of 255, clicking in the
> middle (e.g.just under the "g" of "sample merged") sets it to about
> half, or 127. Dragging in this mode will drag the edge of the shaded bar
> directly.
> When the mouse pointer is in the lower half of the bar, e.g. in the
> shaded area under the word Threshold, the mouse pointer is shown with a
> cursor made of a horizontal arrow pointing both left and right. In this
> mode, dragging in the bottom half of the area will select the number
> (81.5 in the image I attached to this message) and the number will
> change as you drag.

The behavior I am seeing under freebsd is as follows:

In the upper half, I get the up-arrow mouse pointer.  Pressing and dragging 
that up-arrow mouse pointer changes the value in gross, non-integral increments.
When moved from the extreme left to the extreme right, the range covered is
large -- If I have the paintbrush tool options up, the size ranges from 1.00
at the extreme left to 1074.55 at the extreme right, although it may be dragged
clear across the screen to get much larger values (9491.50 at my right screen
limit in this case.  Hmmm...  If I test the fuzzy select tool as in your image, 
it goes from 0.0 at the extreme left to 255.0 at the extreme right, where it is 
clamped at that maximum value -- dragging further across the display causes no 
further increase.  

In the lower half, I get the left-right mouse pointer.  Pressing and dragging
that left-right mouse pointer changes the value in small, non-integral 
Depending on what the current value is, the possible range varies.  If I type
in the value 500 to set the value, then grab at the approximate location of the
vertical dividing line between the grey and white areas, I get a range of approx
448.56 to 564.11, but if dragged clear across the display it will go up to
approx 1400.

So two thoughts:

1.  Should the integral behavior I am seeing with the up-arrow on the threshold
for fuzzy select be going by tenths, or by whole integers?

2.  It looks like the bug may be tool-related.

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