we used to have serveral time of dicusstion about some kind of collaboration
such as gimp foundation (some kind as blender foundation) rejected by the
maintainer. in my view, the the porblem is the kind of development of gimp right
now is not encourage the new type trying for some enthusiastic new income
developers. they highten the bar but give a hand.
in this case, some even didn't make a judgement before understand what sigetch
want to do.
i am not intend saying someone' bad, but i think the world will be more
beautifull if we use this
"hey , this sound like interesting, but we have some problem if use your method
directioin, let 's find a way to makethe ideal works."
rather than 
" hey,  we wont use it, since the painting is never an objective,  you can folk
it but we wont merge it."

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