On Sun, Dec 9, 2012 at 6:56 PM, ceas wrote:

> maintainer. in my view, the the porblem is the kind of development of gimp 
> right
> now is not encourage the new type trying for some enthusiastic new income
> developers.

If I may ask...

How does your view explain 4 completely new tools developed during
GSoC 2011 and GSoC2012?

How does it explain rggjan's friendly fork to improve object selection
which ended up in creating a matting operator in GEGL for use in new
generation of GIMP?

> i am not intend saying someone' bad, but i think the world will be more
> beautifull if we use this
> "hey , this sound like interesting, but we have some problem if use your 
> method
> directioin, let 's find a way to makethe ideal works."
> rather than
> " hey,  we wont use it, since the painting is never an objective,  you can 
> folk
> it but we wont merge it."

As Jehan already explained, this is simply not what happened.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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