I have photoshop, and i have gimp installed, and I dont know much about gimp and
how it is compaired to Photoshop

I want to stop using photoshot and only use gimp, exclusivly.

i have a few questions in general

im still figuring out gimp and how to use it like photoshop. so i can get back
to doing what i normally want to do, that i was doing with photoshop

#1: in over all view how does gimp stack up to Photoshop and all of its
features, are they compairable? to each other.

#2: are gimp's tool's brushes filters and ect.. are they as good as photoshop.
do they give the same quality output that PS does?

#3: is there anyway to install all of the availbe plugs for gimp, in a easy,
effenct method/,manner, or do i have to download them all and do it that way?

#4: is their gpu support like photoshop to speed up rendering?

#5: how fast is gimp compaired to PS when rendering not just 3d also 2D
paintings such as the ones seen on deviantart, thats what i do most of the time.
w/o gpu support

#6; does gimp make use of muti-cores when doing rendering photos and images, &

# 7; what is the core limit with gimp, are there any?

#8 thank you all for your time effort, in reading this and if you provide an,
answer thank you very much.

In ending this msg, thank you my ninja's. for ninjaing this question. :)

MasterRahl (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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