>I don't know, I guess the limit is higher then your computer could
>offer ;)
>you're welcome!

I plan on getting a 64 or 128 core amd or intel server, with as much ram as
posibble aprox 1TB(1024GB) or 2 TB if i happen to find one.

I I've had computers that support 64GB ram and loading any computer game you
play, into ram, loads really quick, there is no lag when playing a game, from
copying to a ram disk to game start-up and loading the first game level such as
diablo 3 or WoW or BF3 it is very sweet.

most people think why do you need that much ram, well 
#1 using ram disks save your HDD and SSD from excess read/writes, that shouldent
be done anyways, in the old day's yeah esp w/ a 4gb limit. now we have access to
cpu's Ivy bridge that supports 128gb ram.

once you go ram, you never go black... lol sry 4 the bad pun.....

its really sketchy loading a 35+ GB game like Wow or a game such as Rage into
ram that doesnt leave enough for a ram disk

esp in windows.

i know most people arent a user like i am running lots of stuff and easily
useing 64 for a page file,  without ram usage.

I'm just waiting for all the idots to relize they do need a huge ram cash, in
their computer, and start loading their games and page file and ect... once we
get the main people using pc's for gaming and get them to max their ram out,
thigns will change and if people would stop buying a useless shotty pc / cheap
walmart pc's/labtop

think of it as this

now i know theres always going to be bugs in software and hardware

the thousands of pc configs with current gen hardware. and just like google and
android, all that varyation in hardware they cant design their OS for just one
very small narrow range of hardware such as

a gaming console or

such as with apple's hardware, its very reliable, now i know. even apple has its
share of bug's take the iphone, compaired to the android market, there is
many-Less bugs in the iOs than there is with android

since each company must make a zillion different versions of each product from
super highend down to the shittys hardware there is.

if they would only make 1 or a 2 or 3 high end labtops from each company,
everything would be much cheaper

since designing each product takes millions of dollars wasted for each product
when 1 version with all the features will be enough vs all the different models,

since there would be only 1 high end gpu for nvida for gaming (GTX) and only 1
for nvida and one tesla card, & 1 high end amd card, 1 high end intel & amd cpu
and ect...

they only have to make 1 of each

saving each company tens of millions, since they dont have to build and maintain
so many factories

and if people would save their money and buy the HQ model, and save their money
for the next model thats worth an upgrade, everyone would have much more money
for everything else, and way more high end games would be made
since alot more people have high end pc's instead of only a few million or so.

and alot more people have a console than a high end pc.

and since theres only a few models on the market for windows, less computers
means more stable and faster software for linux, for windows,  for ect...
focusing resources on what really matter

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