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> >I don't know, I guess the limit is higher then your computer could
> >offer ;)
> >you're welcome!
> I plan on getting a 64 or 128 core amd or intel server, with as much ram as
> posibble aprox 1TB(1024GB) or 2 TB if i happen to find one.
> I I've had computers that support 64GB ram and loading any computer game you
> play, into ram, loads really quick, there is no lag when playing a game, from
> copying to a ram disk to game start-up and loading the first game level such
> as diablo 3 or WoW or BF3 it is very sweet.

I was a little confused by this message, so I consulted the ##hardware channel
on irc.freenode.net, and based on what they told me MasterRahl is most probably
joking given that:

1. I got indirect access (by proxy) to some High Performance machines,
hosted at several universities, and the most I could get was 512 GB (or half a
TB) per node (running RHEL Linux or something). These computers are very pricey
and I'm not sure they sell them to individuals, and they had many CPUs.

2. The largest DIMMs you can get now have 16 GB of RAM and you'll need 64 slots
to make them into a 1 TB.

I guess MasterRahl was speaking tongue in chick. In any case, I think GIMP can
utilise 1 TB or 2 TB of RAM, when and if they will be available, but I'm not
sure if it was ever tested. Anyway, 16 GB (or less) should be more than enough
for most needs. Regarding 128 cores - GIMP may not be able to fully utilise
them to their maximal capacity, but utilising SMP properly is a hard problem,
and it was an ongoing focus of programming language research (with some costs
of making such languages less simple and less easy to learn and use).


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