On 12-12-12 04:53 PM, MasterRahl wrote:
I have photoshop, and i have gimp installed, and I dont know much about gimp and
how it is compaired to Photoshop

I want to stop using photoshot and only use gimp, exclusivly.

i have a few questions in general

It would be better if you first answer a question about your use of Photoshop. What features in the program are important to you in what you do? Are you generating images for a web site or for print media?

You can do (almost?) anything with GIMP that you can do with Photoshop but the ease with which you can do so will vary. If you need high bit depth GIMP is getting there but the support isn't fully there yet. If you need a colour managed work flow (ie. for print work), GIMP may or may not have what you need. I don't use GIMP to create images for print media so I can't give you any hard details on using it for print images.



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