See this page for "multi-threaded gimp"
(they attended to the topic of cores during saving, etc.)

I already tried to post once in response to this topic, but i'll try again.
i will always have gimp on my machine, but i worked in graphics for
a long time, and i think the ability to have cross-program filters is
invaluable. such as photoshop to illustrator etc. If you use that kind of thing
or could find a use to learn it.

a while back my brother found an unopened box of photoshop cs2 in a
thrift store for 2 bucks. And i pushed a little with adobe and
registered it online.
And now I heard about this "adobe creative cloud" and that old cs2
qualified me to
join at 30/month. and that includes all the major 18 adobe programs,
64 bit, and
typekit premium, which is 50/yr by itself. so i took it. i mean, gimp
is great, and i guess
you can get a lot of graphics geek factor with using it, but let's
face it, one of the
other features about photoshop is that a lot of studios and designers
use it, templates are made for or from it, etc. It's just the standard
for a lot of the art/.design world.
And a lot of the great thing about that creative cloud is photoshop is
just the entry point,
it also has After Effects, Premiere Pro, etc. Lots of good stuff. For
30 a month?

On 12/14/12, Chris Mohler <> wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 14, 2012 at 5:44 PM, Steve Kinney <> wrote:
>> In re adjustment layers, I may be missing something fundamental but
>> I seem to be doing the same thing, more or less, in the GIMP:
> Nah. In PS I can insert a "levels" layer.  Everything under the layer
> is affected by the levels operation.  But here's the kicker - you can
> always go back and adjust the levels settings.  I don't use PS all
> that much anymore, but there were a few adjustment layers that real
> time-savers ("colorize" being one).
> As you say, you can "sort of" get the same result in GIMP manually but
> the mechanism is not the same at all.
> Chris
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