Oh, and one more thing, I am in no way denigrating gimp by
suggesting an alternative. In fact, if I had enough money, and
i probably will someday soon, I would use gimp in a way that would
turn it into a powerhouse of usefulness that i believe is being completely
ignored by this community, but like a lot of others here I'll just keep my
mouth shut till i try it.
Thanks again

On 12/15/12, Daniel Smith <opened...@gmail.com> wrote:
> well you actually download the software.
> i haven't tried to run it without a connection.
> and yeah the 360 a year is probably only the first year.
> but some people like adobe and typekit fonts a lot.
> and not having to pay for them takes it down to 310 right there.
> there are a lot of other alternatives out there too fontwise, and
> that space is only going to grow. you could make the same
> "may never use" argument to prove that every single person
> in the world should not download anything, some people have no use for it.
> i just know video seems to be a big deal coming on lately esp with html5
> and
> maybe some people who had an interest in pshop or gimp might have an
> interest in
> AE or Premiere etc.
> Dan
> On 12/15/12, Steve Kinney <ad...@pilobilus.net> wrote:
>> On 12/15/2012 08:46 PM, Ofnuts wrote:
>>> On 12/15/2012 01:39 AM, Daniel Smith wrote:
>>>> it also has After Effects, Premiere Pro, etc. Lots of good stuff. For
>>>> 30 a month?
>>> You mean, 360 a year? For plenty of stuff I may never use?
>> I could be wrong but... For stuff that fails if your network
>> connection goes down?
>> :o)
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