On Sat, Dec 15, 2012 at 3:44 AM, Steve Kinney wrote:

> In re mathemagical upscaling, I have been using a plugin called
> "upsize" that seems to give consistently better results than cubic
> interpolation.  I don't know who made it or what math it uses; I
> think I got it from the plugin registry site.


"It started with a GIMP plug-in called Upsize that was written in 2008
by Adam Turcotte and Nicolas Robidoux. The plug-in implemented an
early version of upscaling algorithms.

You can still use it to get a basic idea about the kind of
improvements. But bear in mind that the present day interpolation
methods are far ahead of that. One might say, those are outdated

After publishing the plug-in Nicolas was notified about GEGL which
resulted in a Google Summer of Code 2009 project. Two students, Adam
Turcotte and Eric Daoust, were mentored by Nicolas and implemented a
few advanced samplers for downscaling and upscaling."

Alexandre Prokoudine
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