On 12/20/2012 07:38 AM, Michael Schumacher wrote:
> Hi,
> we've been approached by download.dk about an "award" GIMP seems to have won 
> on their site. They suggested to add this award to www.gimp.org with the 
> usual link back to their site...
> Upon inspecting their GIMP download page, I'm not really sure if this is an 
> elaborate scam, or just a sub-par try of implementing a downloads site:
> A strange "driver update" setup called "installer.exe" is more likely to be 
> downloaded from their downloads page than the software the user intends to 
> get. The link to this software is much more prominent.
> I tried to send them a mail about this problem, but that message was returned 
> with a "no mail exchangers for that domain", and the message shows some 
> mailmarketing.com forwarding addresses.
> Has anyone got opinions about or experiences with this site?

Hey Michael,

I just downloaded "GIMP 2.8.2" from download.dk and got a 1.1 MB
file called "installer.exe."  Clam Antivirus did not identify it as
malware but in this case a negative result is as likely to indicate
a frequently updated & recompiled virus, trojan, or rootkit dropper
as a "safe" executable.

It is also possible that installer.exe installs "harmless" spyware.
 The only certain fact is that installer.exe is not GIMP 2.8.2 as
advertised, so in this case "a sub-par attempt at implementing a
download site" includes, at minimum, going to a great deal of
unnecessary trouble to misrepresent of the wares offered.

I would not do anything to advertise download.dk or encourage anyone
to download and run installer.exe.  I would be much more likely to
post a prominent notice on whatever page download.dk expected their
free advertisement to appear on, warning users not to download the
GIMP from unverified third party sites "to assure that you receive
the latest and best version of the program."  Or some such language.


Steve Kinney

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