I'm using gimp 2.8.2 on debian wheezy and have a little problem, which can be 
reproduced like this:

File -> New (image size 640x400)
Ellipse selection tool   60/60   500x280
select -> to path
select -> none
Pencil tool settings:
    mode: normal
    opacity: 100.0
    Brush: 2. Block 01
    Size: 80
    aspect ratio: 20
    angle: -45
Edit -> Stroke Path (stroke with a paint tool -> Pencil)

At the top and bottom of the ellipse the outline is discontinued.

With View -> Zoom: 800% the stepsize for the applied pencil can be counted. I 
count a gap of 8 pixels, but I found no way to configure the stepsize.
I'd like to have the pencil applied each pixel along the path. Is there a way 
to achieve this?



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