On 01/02/2013 05:23 PM, Constance Lowery wrote:
> Thank you for the information. I did un-instal gimp and then went to
> the web site you provided. I downloaded the program and this time I
> even got a page asking me to confirm my subscription to up-dates. I
> was "told" the program instaled sucessufully. BUT I STILL HAVE THE
> SAME PROBLEM I FIRST WROTE TO YOU ABOUT. I try to open gimp and get
> the same message that GNU Image Manipulation has stopped working and
> windows will close. Something is wrong I know. I will not bother you
> any further with this. You might as well see to it that I don't get
> sent notifications of any up-dates or anything else because for some
> reason I can not get gimp to be usable. I am dissapointed but I am
> not a computer person and don't know what to do about it. Thanks for
> your time. Constance 

Sorry to hear that.  I would suggest that you ask someone who "is" a
technical person to look at your computer and try to figure out what
is wrong with it.  Since others are not reporting the same problem
you see, it is likely that there is something wrong with the
computer itself.  If so, the sooner the problem is sorted out, the
less hassles and expense it is likely to cause.  Plus, you will then
be able to use the GIMP.

Best of luck, and if you want to stop receiving GIMP mailings, you
can go here and cancel your subscription:


Best of luck,


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