Hello, I am clicking on a layer in GIMP, and when I click on the text tool, this
dialog pops up
"CONFIRM TEXT EDITING" "the layer you selected is a text layer but it has been
modified using other tools. Editing the layer with the text tool will discard
these modifications. You can edit the layer or create a new text layer from its
text attributes."

with 3 options, Create New layer, Cancel, and Edit

however, no matter what I click, it doesn't let me create new text anywhere.

ALSO, it seems to jump from the layer i selected to another layer whenever I
click "EDIT."

SO frustrating.

What is weird is that I was able to create new text prior to this, but not

if it helps, I am editing a photoshop document, but it's now saved as XCF. 

also, it's gimp 2.8.0

any help is appreciated!

latinojuan (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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