On 01/03/13 12:57, latinojuan wrote:
> Hello, I am clicking on a layer in GIMP, and when I click on the text tool, 
> this
> dialog pops up
> "CONFIRM TEXT EDITING" "the layer you selected is a text layer but it has been
> modified using other tools. Editing the layer with the text tool will discard
> these modifications. You can edit the layer or create a new text layer from 
> its
> text attributes."
> with 3 options, Create New layer, Cancel, and Edit
> however, no matter what I click, it doesn't let me create new text anywhere.
> ALSO, it seems to jump from the layer i selected to another layer whenever I
> click "EDIT."
> SO frustrating.
> What is weird is that I was able to create new text prior to this, but not
> anymore.
> if it helps, I am editing a photoshop document, but it's now saved as XCF. 
> also, it's gimp 2.8.0
> any help is appreciated!

It appears to work as advertised to me, so I'm not sure what the issue is.
Here's the behavior I see:

I created a text layer and then rotated the layer 90 degrees using 

When I select the text layer, and select the text tool, and then click on the
text layer in the image, the dialog you refer to pops up.

If I select "Create New Layer", the original text layer is left unchanged,
and a new layer containing the same text as the original layer is added,
and I can edit it as a normal text layer because it is new and has only plain
text and has not been modified in a manner which renders the text itself 
"uneditable".  For example, I can change the wording of the text itself.

If I select "Edit", the original text layer is reverted to its last state
where it was plain text (in this case, back to horizontal text instead of
the rotated text), and I can edit that as a normal text layer.  As in the
other option, I can change the wording of the text itself.  The difference
between the two buttons is that one leaves the original text as is and
creates an additional text layer, and the other uses the original layer.

Is this not the behavior you are seeing?  
What is the behavior you are expecting?
GIMP is currently not able to modify the text itself (i.e. change the text 
itself) once it has been modified in a manner such as rotation.

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