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> i think it has something to do w/ the layer underneath being so big that
> everywhere that i am clicking, GIMP thinks i want to change the current 
> settings
> in the text or something.
> because if i click off of the canvas, then it lets me add new text.
> apparently, it has something to do w/ the layer size. it seems like all of the
> layers are 780x1280...

I see.  In the layers panel, try making the text layer which has the big 
text on it invisible (click on the eye).  That should allow you to add new


>> It appears to work as advertised to me, so I'm not sure what the issue
>> is.
>> Here's the behavior I see:
>> I created a text layer and then rotated the layer 90 degrees using
>> Layer/Transform
>> When I select the text layer, and select the text tool, and then click
>> on the
>> text layer in the image, the dialog you refer to pops up.
>> If I select "Create New Layer", the original text layer is left
>> unchanged,
>> and a new layer containing the same text as the original layer is
>> added,
>> and I can edit it as a normal text layer because it is new and has
>> only plain
>> text and has not been modified in a manner which renders the text
>> itself
>> "uneditable".  For example, I can change the wording of the text
>> itself.
>> If I select "Edit", the original text layer is reverted to its last
>> state
>> where it was plain text (in this case, back to horizontal text instead
>> of
>> the rotated text), and I can edit that as a normal text layer.  As in
>> the
>> other option, I can change the wording of the text itself.  The
>> difference
>> between the two buttons is that one leaves the original text as is and
>> creates an additional text layer, and the other uses the original
>> layer.
>> Is this not the behavior you are seeing?  
>> What is the behavior you are expecting?
>> GIMP is currently not able to modify the text itself (i.e. change the
>> text
>> itself) once it has been modified in a manner such as rotation.
>> Gary

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