I recently acquired a "hand-me-down" HP Color LaserJet 2840 with which I
replaced my Epson 925 printer and 2400 scanner.  The HP is attached
directly to my router with a local address,

I have had problems accessing the scanner from gimp, 2.8.0.  The xsane
device dialog would search and "hang" until I would kill it and try again. 
Then xsane would not hand off the scanned image, format irrelevant, to

After a particularly frustrating session, I started looking for a/the
problem.  I noticed that iscan remained from the epson equipment install
and checked to see the impact removing it would have, none.  Except, now
my scanner appears in the File -> Create dialog maing the xsane device
dialog unnecessary, but that function works correctly/as expected now
also.  And the image is handed directly to gimp rather than having to open
xsane separately and saving the scanned image to disk before opening it
with gimp.

Who'd a thunk that....  And the iscan driver was not Epson's version.

Goes to show that *anything* can cause problems  :^)

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