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> > Von: Richard Gitschlag <strata_ran...@hotmail.com>
> > Sometimes I really miss the fact that GIMP has no "paste in place"
> command
> > like Inkscape does.  Feature request?
> You should add a description of how this works in Inkscape, and how you
> expect this to be handled in GIMP - e.g. what is the "place" if you paste
> to an image of totally different size, at a different zoom level, ...
Some old discussion on this:

I created a "paste into selection script" (scales the copied image to fit
the current selection using default interpolation mode):

More useful (imoo), I also created a "paste as new layer centered" script
which pastes the clipboard content as a new layer centered on the current
selection , the current layer (if no selection), or the canvas if no active

Either of these could just be keymapped to Ctrl+v.  (The built in "Paste as
New Layer" could be bound to ctrl+v as well, but I didn't like that it
creates the new layer at 0,0 hence the script).

-Rob A.
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