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As GIMP concepts go, floating selections have always existed in
GIMP and they really are something that needs to be killed off
with fire because of how big a stumbling block they are to new users.
If I recall correctly, "floats" existed before "layers" in the GIMP,
as a mechanism for moving pasted-in content around before merging it
into the image.  Floats were not a problem for me when I was
learning how to use the GIMP, and now I take them so much for
granted that it's kind of tricky to think about the impact of doing
away with them.

Floats enable and require the user to explicitly anchor pasted
content somewhere, i.e. make a new layer for it, merge it down into
an existing layer, or merge it down into a layer mask.  Whether I
would be OK with floats being done away with, would depend on the
proposed mechanism for targeting where pasted content lands in the
layer stack:  A proposed replacement for floats would have to
accomplish the same results in a smaller number of steps, or the
same number of steps but in a way that is substantially easier for a
beginner to understand and use.

Right now I can't think of a way to improve on the existing
"floating layer" workflow.
In my experiment, I created a layer group and moved an image into it, and then:
    created a second-level layer sub-group within the group;
    moved my original picture into the group
    selected an area of the image in the subgroup
    copied / pasted
    "To-New-Layer"ed it
    moved the new layer into the newly created group.
I supposed that the entire indented activity was a single operation activated by the copy/paste activity The sub-group can be manipulated essentially the same as the float had been; then afterward the "anchor" command is replaced by "Merge Layer Group."

I think this might be "substantially easier for a beginner to understand and 

 -- Burnie
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