On 01/22/13 21:27, Owen wrote:
>> My
>>   Preferences / Default Grid
>> says the grid spacing is 48 pixels for both width and height.
>> Yet when I choose
>>   View / Show Grid
>> I get lines spaced on 10 x 10 intervals.
>> What am I missing?
> That seems strange, the standard installation sets the default grid to
> 10x10 pixels.
> You could look at your .gimp-2.8/gimprc and /etc/gimp/2.0/gimprc file
> to see if anything has been set, but my guess is something is broke?
> Have you tried setting a new default grid?

Just discovered I had set the grid size using the option under the image menu.
Since this was a .xcf file, apparently that setting was saved as the default
for the image, over-riding the gimp default.  I didn't realize setting the 
grid size on the image menu was something that was preserved across saves.

Thanks for the reply,


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