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> The procedure I normally did after writing the text was to go to Layer/Style 
> and
> then you would have several options, like drop shadow, etc etc. I

GIMP does not have layer styles.

(GIMP also does not have a large team of programmers, nor even a team of
large programmers...)

One way to get a drop shadow on text...
(1) in the layers dialogue, make sure the text layer is active
(2) duplicate the layer
(3) make the lower copy active, right-click on its name and rename it to
(4) use filters->gaussian blur. Probably a radius of 7 pixel would be
(5) select the move tool, and then use the arrow keys on the keyboard to
move the layer right 3 pixels and down 3 pixels, to make a shadow.

"The Artist's Guide to GIMP" is a book you may find useful.


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