On Sat, Feb 16, 2013 at 11:44 AM, WhoCares wrote:

> You've claimed that my responses weren't constructive, did they make people
> think?

I claimed that some of them were, and some of the weren't. You would
know that if you read before commenting.

> Did they challenge the status-quo of "beat people up if you don't agree
> with them"?

You are building offense on top of another offense and claim to have
started a constructive discussion. That's some logic I cannot

> It doesn't matter how the argument is worded .. what matters is
> "Does it have merit?".

We've discussed the "merit" a lot of times. There team already
provided the final answer to the question. Is there a merit to
discussing it again? Not that I know of.

>>Personally, I think that some of your points were spot on, other --
>>completely bogus. Is this something you could live with? :)
> I can live with my reactions, no problem. There's no blame here. Just a piece 
> of
> software which really needs something more than a bunch of programmers arguing
> on a vacant discussion thread about common sense software design. Don't want 
> to
> change the GIMP to make sense? Not my problem.
> But given the reaction and discussion herein, I'll not be attempting to make 
> it
> my problem in the future. Good luck to you Alexandre.


Alexandre Prokoudine
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