On 02/20/2013 01:26 PM, Matthew Miller wrote:
On Tue, Feb 19, 2013 at 09:47:10PM +0800, Oon-Ee Ng wrote:
I don't use the word flippantly, but it seems odd to me how many users seem
to feel devs owe them something (explanations, time, respect). Where's that
entitlement come from?

In open source, developers and users should be on the same side. Many times,
there is some "flow" between the two groups. With commercial software, the
relationship is explicitly one of commerce and market dynamics. With open
source, when functional at least, the whole community is important.

So, while you certainly get a number of obnoxious people with an
over-wrought sense of entitlement, not all feedback along these lines is
that way. I share what I think not because I can't work around it, but
because the new "enforced" workflow is more difficult for me and I think
more difficult for others, to the detriment of the software as a whole. I
don't presume any right to demand anything, but designers and developers who
don't listen to their engaged, active, and concerned users are missing
something valuable. If the same thing keeps coming up over and over again to
the point where everyone is tired of it and very frustrated, maybe it's time
to step back and rethink a little bit.

Someone a while ago had the suggestion of building "sidecar" files with the
entire undo history of an image. As storage space continues to increase,
that sounds like a very promising path providing best of all worlds.

I mean, sure, the developers are perfectly fine in saying "no, we're gonna
do it this way", but it's also short-sighted to say "and stop giving
feedback". It seems better to say "We did it this way for reasons x, y, and
z, but we recognize that what you're asking isn't like the broken spacebar
comic. You have options a and b now, and we're thinking about some even
better approaches in the future."

That's not a sign of weakness.

I completely agree with your comment

"Art is meant to disturb. Science reassures."
"L'art est fait pour troubler. La science rassure" (Georges Braque)

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