On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 8:26 PM, Matthew Miller <mat...@mattdm.org> wrote:
> Someone a while ago had the suggestion of building "sidecar" files with the
> entire undo history of an image. As storage space continues to increase,
> that sounds like a very promising path providing best of all worlds.

Part of the reason for this change, is to align the current UI with
such capabilities that GIMP eventually will gain as part of the
ongoing GEGL integration effort. As already mentioned many times in
this thread and through the last decade; GIMP is moving towards a
non-destructive editing mindset – interactions designers/architects
involved, core developers and well informed users that closely have
been following the development over the last decade are aware of this.

When such changes have landed in a stable release; there has been a
quite long period of feedback from the users that follow development
more closely than the users that only use stable versions of GIMP.
This is also the reason that core GIMP contributors consider this
discussion to already be done and dealt with before it flared up and
trolls are keeping it artificially alive. The self selected beta
testers that are willing to use the development version and work out
problems during active development have a larger influence on
decisions. These are also the users it makes most sense for the
developers to spend their volunteered time communicating with – since
these users directly contribute to finding bugs and potential problems

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