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> Subject: [Gimp-user] Selection handles on a non freshly created selection
> Hello!
> Right after one makes a selection, say by using the Rectangle Select
> Tool, is presented with handles that allow altering the selection.
> If one then selects another tool without deselecting is being deprived
> of these handles while the selection remains active thus rendering him
> unable to alter the selection in that fashion.
> Thus forming my question: is there a way to make these handles to
> (re-)appear on a non-freshly created selection?
> Sophoklis
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Not really.  You can click inside the selected area and the selector will 
create rectangular select handles based on it, but this only has the desired 
effect on simple rectangular selections (or ellipse for ellipse).  Otherwise 
clicking and dragging will replace whatever complex shape exists with a simple 
rectangle - which is not desirable, but I don't think the devs will call it a 
bug either.

Thing about the handles on the Rectangle (and Ellipse) selectors is that though 
the selection has already been executed, the handles allow you to retroactively 
fine-tune the size or position (it literally Undoes the current selection and 
re-does it with the new values).  But this isn't the same as moving or scaling 
an existing (and possibly complex) selection.  For example:

- Create an Ellipse selection somewhere on the image.
- Switch to the Rectangle selector.
- Click inside the selection to get the selector handles.
- Attempt to resize or move the handles and the selected (ellipse) area is 
replaced by a rectangle.

There does not appear to be a way of e.g. directly scaling the selection 
channel only.

-- Stratadrake
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