I'm running version 2.8.2 of GIMP on Kubuntu 12.10. I do not remember which 
version I was running before this one, but it was possible to press ALT + 
ENTER to open a properties dialog where one could enter / modify a description 
for the opened image.
ALT + ENTER does nothing in this new version, but I think that I should enter 
the File -> Properties dialog to do this, right? The dialog is different and 
it is in a different menu now, but it seems here is where we should enter / 
edit image metadata. However, nothing that I fill in this dialog is saved. I 
enter the title, author, description, etc., but when I click OK the info is 
discarded without warning. If I go back to the File -> Properties dialog right 
after confirming the data I had just entered, the dialog is blank again.
Is this a bug or am I looking for the enter / edit metadata functionality in 
the wrong place?
If this is a bug, where / how should I report it?


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