>That is most weird, because gimp should open the file even if it had some
totally different or no extension at all.

I agree, filenames are irrelevant to *nix. Magic numbers are used instead.

>Can you check if ubuntu does some sort of patching to gimp 2.8.4?

I don't have to check. Ubuntu patches *every* application. However, there has
been a big stuffup here. The version I have upgraded to (ie, the most recent
upgrade) is a ppa, "2.8.4-2precise0", by "otto-kesselgulasch". Prior to the
point-upgrade to this version GIMP opened anything I cared to throw at it.

I have not reported this bug to Ubuntu because, even though I have been a Ubuntu
user since version 5.04 and meticulously follow the bug reporting procedure, I
have never been able to report a bug in a manner that is acceptable to the
various maintainers. I have posted ithe bug in this forum in the hope that
someone may have a workaround (or the ear of the maintainer).

For the moment I am tacking "cp intermediate.tiff output.tif" onto my initial
command line post-processing in order to produce a file that can be opened up in
GIMP for further visually- guided post-processing.


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