On 13-03-22 02:12 PM, Bryce Thorup wrote:
I wasn't able to find any info on GIMP logo usage at gimp.org, so I was
wondering what the guidelines are? We are preparing to release a commercial
app (game), and wanted to include the GIMP logo in the credits.
Also, if there is a standard file for the logo that we should use?

The closest thing to a guideline about the use of the GIMP logo would be the README file included in the source tree for the program which says:

---- start of README -----

This is Wilber, the Gimp Mascot.

Gimp is a image manipulation program for unix computers, see
http://www.gimp.org for more detais.

The use of Wilber.xcf.gz is free, though it would be kind of you to mention
the original author (Tuomas Kuosmanen <tig...@gimp.org>) somewhere.


Tuomas / tigert
---- end of README -----

You should have no problem using the logo to give credit to the use of GIMP. Including the URL to the official site along with the image would good. If you want a scalable vector graphic version of the logo you can get it at:



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