>There are a LOT of ways to do that, but here's one.  Once you have
>tried this, you may see how to do something else that does more what
>you have in mind:
>Select the layer with the orange text, use the "select by color
>tool" and select the orange text.
>Make a new transparent layer.
>Drag and drop (or bucket fill) to fill the selection with white, on
>the new layer.
>Do Filters > Noise > RGB noise
>Change the newer layer's mode to Multiply
>Do Colors > Desaturate
>Use Colors > Curves to make the orange area look "gritty"
>Use the Smudge tool to smear the grit around

Hi Steve, thank you for your creative solution! I tried it, it works, and with
some practice I'll get it right. However I'd really like to apply this specific
texture. Is there no way to overlay this texture image transparantly over the
'logo', without having to cut off 'excess texture image' around the logo?

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